Multi-Banking technologies are rapidly growing and provide users a simple and holistic overview of their financial situation. finreach solutions offers a Multi-Banking Aggregation API for financial product builders.

Account Aggregation

Aggregate your consumers' financial accounts in one place. You can connect bank accounts, credit cards, depot accounts, PayPal accounts etc. with a single API.

Transaction Aggregation

Have an aggregated overview over all or specific accounts and transactions with a single transaction aggregation API.

Category Aggregation

Use overall inbound and outbound transactions' categories across multiple accounts for a better understanding of the spending behaviour.

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Transaction Categorisation

Having tags and tagging transactions can be overwhelming. We provide both a pre-populated solution as well as a builder to create your own category schemas.


Pre-populated tags derived from millions of account transactions.

Custom Categories

Simple to use tagging functionality to create your own categories.

Category hierarchies

Sometimes simple tagging isn't enough. We also provide multiple tagging hierarchies to fit better to your and your users requirements.

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Risk Assessment

No matter if you are an E-Commerce company, a scoring provider or loan broker. We provide out of the box solutions for risk assessment, enabling you to either use our risk logic or build your own.

Risk Assessment Criteria

Use ours, or create your own. Introducing assessment criteria's is now easier than ever.

Scoring for your business

Risk assessment has now been set. Next step is using this assessment to create a risk score.

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Account Verifier

Verify the existence of your customers' bank account. Account Verifier saves the service providers from approval code transactions and manual verification process. It automates the verification process from the days to seconds.

Connect Bank Account

Let your customers to connect their bank account which they want to verify.

Immediate Verification

Get the success or failure response immediately to verify the existence of the financial account.

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Payment Initiation

Often the out-of-the-box payment solutions in the market are just not good enough. With our payment initiation solution you can build your own payment solutions - for E-Commerce, for deposit solutions and so much more. All directly from a consumers online banking environment.

Initiate SEPA Transfer(s)

The easiest solution to enable a consumer to initiate a once off payment, directly from their bank account.

Initiate Standing Order(s)

Want consumers to transfer their standing orders, or setup monthly payments? Look no further.

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Bank Loan Comparison

Providing your customers with a transparent overview of potential new or old bank loan options, is a great way to keep customers loyal.

RISK Assessment

Identifying a risk before it comes to play, can help customers better plan when and if they can pay.

Compare Bank Loans in the market

With thousands of options, we help you identify the best one, for you or your customer.

Product Catalog

Everything from local or international options, all from a single source.

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Contract Management

From health insurance to mobile phone contracts, knowing when and how you are paying has become complicated. We provide a simple solution for you to give your consumers a better experience to manage their contracts.

Recognise Contracts

We help you automatically sort and categorise contracts based on payment frequency and type.

Manage Contracts

Managing contracts and notifying partners for cancellation, contract renewal, brokerage mandate etc. is now as easy as ever.

Digitalise Contracts

A paper form contract has not been identified and digitalised? Our digitalisation service makes it possible.

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Contract Comparison

Managing contracts is only step one. If you would like to provide your customers a solution to easily compare and sign new contracts, we have what you need.

Compare Best of Breed Contract Offer(s)

All relevant contract offers from a single source.

Product Catalog

Adding your own contract or contract partners to our product catalogue is simple. Collect, define and add.

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Contract and Insurance Brokage

Providing an overview of contracts to increase consumer engagement is great. We don't just stop here, we also enable you to broker contracts and insurances to add an additional steam of revenue.

Single source

All requirements and affiliating services from a single source.

Create value

We help you recommend the right services based on customers consumer behaviour.

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Financial Analytics

Understanding each individual consumers purchasing behaviour and financial situation has become more important then ever. May it be for recommendations or consumer segmentation - we have it all.


A clear and simple dashboard, giving you or your customer an indepth understanding with a single glance.

Data Drill-Down

Data drill-down capabilities with service specific dimension(s), metric(s) and parameter(s).

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Aggregating, analysing and making your data actionable is often many months if not years of effort. If it is for activation, analysis, categorisation or any other use case you might have, we have the solution.


Helping you understand what your data means, where it comes from, and to create relevant segments.


Compare your segments and discover new segments with segment specific reports.


Defining your segments is the first step. Depending on your use-case we can also help you activate this data.

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Personal Finance Management

Personal Finance Management products and tools enables your customers to gain a holistic overview of their financial situation and manage their budgeting accordingly.


By simply logging in with your customers online banking details - we can help you aggregate and collect thousands of current and past transactions.


With all transactions aggregated and categorised, we help provide an in depth understanding of every cent spent.


Saving for a trip to Hawaii? We help your customer calculate how to get a few days under sun, a little faster.

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Lending Money

Fast, effective and under control. For you, your customers or even your customer's customers. Providing a solution for borrowers and lenders to transact and gain access to capital.

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PSD2 as a Service

Using your resources where they are most valuable to you is important. If you want to create products which run under the PSD2 regulation, we help you get to market faster.


Fully compliant and faster to market, no matter what you need.

no matter the use case

Whether it's for payment initiation or account information, we have your back.

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Bank and Creditor Database & Notification Management

With hundreds of thousands of banks and creditors throughout Europe, it's hard to find an up to date database containing relevant information for your notification or comparison services. Look no further.

a single database

Banks, Telcos, Electricity Providers, you name it, we have it. All the data you need from a single source.

Notification management

We help you notify the right partners via the right channel. Sending physical post, fax, E-Mail or SMS to your partners is easy with our notification service.

template management

With our template management service, you can customise, save and distribute personalised notifications at scale.

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