Our API platform is engineered with processes and technologies which help structure administrative roles to access our platform, services and data.

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Our Services

Identity and access management

Account Management

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Management services which centralize and automate identity provisioning helping you achieve a higher level of security using our services.

Authorisation & Authentication

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Allowing consumers to have SSO access to all requested services, protecting both your and our platform to prevent misusage.

Governance Service

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Our Governance Service helps you establishes policies, standards, and best practices for the adoption of Microservices to enable an enterprise agile IT environment.

Infrastructure Service

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We enable complex, hierarchical monitoring infrastructures by composing multiple instances of components for measurement and data distribution.

Auditing and Reporting

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Understanding the behavior of users and provide advice on troubleshooting problems through analytical reports.

Reconciliation Services

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Enabling the introduction of new versions of services, data, data integration and without removing the context of products and customers.

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