Financial products are bought along a complex user journey, with users switching very often between channels.

Often online and mobile channels dominate the information and research part. Branch and call centers still play an important role for sales, especially for complex products.

FinReach developed a new online behavioral analytics tool, which identifies relevant leads for all financial products. The tool is based on the latest innovation around big data analytics and artificial intelligence when it comes to detect customers in the awareness/consideration phase on the customer journey. Herbie knows when is the best time and product to contact a user.

Underlying Problem:

  • High leakage ratio and poor sales performance for digital channels
  • On-going reduction in branch and call center customer touch points
  • Qualified leads as biggest challenge for sales effectiveness




Our Solution: 

  • Identification of relevant website users by behavioral analytics to understand which users to contact
  • Closed feedback loop allows for self-learning system and constant improvement
  • Latest findings from user research and conversational dialogs for best user engagement
  • Smooth hand-over between channels

  • Leverage of existing bank infrastructure for easy integration and connectivity to existing and new adjacent services
  • Hand over of relevant website users to call center agents for further advisory
  • Sales guidance for online sales





Herbie – the Sales Concierge is currently under development with leading banks in Europe – please reach out for further information: