The Brokerage Switch Kit has been developed to increase gains in a low interest rate environment by focusing on revenue earned in portfolio commissions. FinReach enables an increase in stock depot activation through a media break free process, thereby improving the management of customer expectation and reducing processing time. The software delivers a user friendly and transparent process that provides the customer with a comprehensive overview of the depot movements throughout the switch. The optimization of customer interface management increases security and reduces the duration of the switch.

Why banks love the Brokerage Switch Kit: Why customers love the Brokerage Switch Kit:
  • Improved management of customer expectations
  • Reduced processing time through fully digitalized process and notification of old bank
  • Improved customer activation
  • Fast, easy and fully digital process without media-break from online banking
  • Complete transparency on depot from old bank
  • Process security through status updates
  • Complete switch in less than 5 minutes

The Brokerage Switch Kit