GDPR as a Service

Manage GDPR requirements and be sure that your business is compliant easily.

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GDPR as a Service

Connect all your financial accounts

Opt-in / Opt-out Management

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Manage your customers' opt-in and opt-out options via one single GDPR as a Service API set.

Consumer Data Listing

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Regarding the GDPR requirements, easily list your consumers' stored data via single API call.

Consumer Data Deletion

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Let consumers' or other eligible identities to remove specific or all stored consumer data regarding the GDPR regulations.

Data TTL Management

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Manage your consumer data TTL - Time to Live with single GDPR as a Service API call.

PII Data Access Management

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Would you like to let consumers to manage the access of different identities to their stored data? Now you can do it with a single API call.

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