Account Switch Kit

Our Switch Kit Solutions provide an effortless digital transfer of a current or brokerage account from one bank to another in less than 10 minutes. Increasing the value of each customer, from day one.


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Account Service

Connecting all your financial accounts, white-labeled to provide a seamless consumer experience

Bank Account Switch

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Enabling an effortless digital transfer of a customer's current account from one bank to another in less than 10 minutes. Increase your customer's lifetime value, in real-time.

Depot Account Switch

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Our a fast, easy and fully digital process for customers to transfer their depot accounts. Helping you, improve customer activation and decrease processing time.

Payment Account Directive for Bank Agents

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A highly efficient PAD compliant solution, decreasing your back office efforts and cost by 60%, while increasing the overall amount of current account switches by 30%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

How is it ensured that the new IBAN belongs to our bank and not to another bank?

Once we start the on-boarding process, we will send you a checklist with all the required settings and information to ensure a seamless experience for your customers. This includes defining the correct IBAN code for the target bank.

Where and for how long is the data stored?

Online banking credentials are never stored by us. Any additional data is stored over a period of 90 days in a physical data center in Germany.
After 90 days, all identifiable data is deleted.

Is it possible to give you the customers' details (so they don't have to enter them manually)?

Definitely! Yet please be aware that we will need to add disclaimers to your or our site so they know data is being transferred.

How do you notify the creditors?

For each individual country, we use regulated and reliable notification services like Fax, Post, E-Mail, etc. to ensure notifications are handled accordingly. Additionally, we use "redundant" services to ensure that creditors receive the notifications even if a single service provider cannot deliver.

How do you access the transaction history of the old bank account?

We work with our own and 3rd Party Banking API providers to access and retrieve the transaction history of customers accounts.

What happens if someone does not want to use their online banking credentials?

In this case, customers can use a "manual mode" where the customer has to manually enter the names and references of all providers that customer wants to notify.

Do you have a PAD compliant back-office solution?

Yes! Our PAD solution enables bank employees to take control and help guide the customer through the automatic transfer process.

How do we integrate?

Providing an efficient seamless experience for you and your customers is important to us. So, we have a fully hosted solution which comes in the look & feel of your website! Copy the link, embed or forward in less then 5 minutes.

What kind of reports do we have?

For every bank, we provide an extensive dashboard so you have an overview of how and when your customers are transfering, in realtime.

How does pricing work?

Every customer is different and has individual needs. We create a tailored pricing plan for you!

Do you offer customer service?

Yes, we do! Although we try to not interact directly with your customers, our customer success agents are happy to help with any problem that might pop up.